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Hello, this is the introduction post about Dgraph. In this post, I will briefly touch upon how do mutations and queries work in it.

Dgraph stands for the Distributed graph. It’s developed by Dgraph Labs. Currently, open-sourced and is completely written in Golang.


Dgraph High-Level Overview of Different Components, credit: Dgraph White Paper

There are two types of components.


Agensgraph is a Postgres-based open-source graph solution developed by Bitnine. Recently, it has been adopted by Apache and is being developed as an extension of Postgres.

In this post, you will learn how Agensgraph storage and query engine leverages Postgres. …

Envoy Version: 1.8.0

Configuring an envoy is one of the hardest parts of setting up the envoy.

Recently I needed to set up the envoy for TLS origination which is quite useful when you are working with hundreds of microservices in a private network, and some service needs to talk…


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